I didn’t really know what to do. I was on my way to the bathroom to brush my teeth when I passed by my dad’s bedroom. I thought I heard something,... so naturally, I turned my head to look toward his door. It was late and I thought maybe he might be watching TV. But as I looked, it was clear that what I was hearing was something else. I know my dad has sex and he doesn’t really make a habit of letting me know when it’s happening. He’s not shy about his body or his personal life, but this was one thing that was always somewhat opaque. I never knew when he was having sex, but sometimes I would see guys leave early in the morning. Here, I could see it all very clearly. My dad was sitting back in bed, legs spread with a younger guy between them. The guy was sucking his cock. And I could see it all. My instinct was to turn away and quickly leave, pretend I didn’t see it and just go on like nothing happened. But I was stuck. I couldn’t move. Something about seeing this private, intimate moment was so… beautiful. I’d never seen my dad hard before, let alone in this kind of pleasure. His hairy chest rose with each deep breath, and his moans were unlike any sound I’d ever heard him make. It was revealing… I got a look at a side of my dad that I would have never thought I’d see. But just as I thought I’d snuck enough of a glimpse, his eyes looked up at me. I froze. I didn’t breathe. My face went red and I could feel the burning sensation of embarrassment in my ears. I waited for the moment to come when he spoke up, called my name in shock, and I was left having ruined his moment. But instead, he just seemed to keep going. He looked at me in the eyes, almost passively seeing what my reaction would be. His blowjob didn’t skip a beat as we were focused on one another. The guy sucking his dick had no idea I was there, and I wasn’t going to alert him to my attention. And as it turned out, neither was my dad. Suddenly, it was like I was a part of it. Even though I was silent and still across the room, barely in the doorway peering in from the dark hall, it was like I was part of my dad’s sexual encounter. To my surprise, I found myself carefully studying the way the younger guy was sucking his cock. I watched with strange fascination how my dad’s dick stood tall from his thick pubes and disappeared into the guy’s mouth. I watched as my dad’s balls tensed and seemed to rise up like they were jumping in place. And from where I was standing, I could see the look on my dad’s face whenever the guy’s head moved up and down, sending him into intense pleasure. I couldn’t help but pull out my own cock and start stroking. It was hot. Hotter than I ever imagined. Seeing my dad like that… so sexual… so powerful… being worshiped… it made me wish it could be me… My dad continued to put his guest into different positions. Eating his ass and playing with his body, all the while keeping a watchful eye on me, seeing how I would respond. The guy he was about to fuck turned toward me, but he was so captivated by my dad’s tongue, he couldn’t keep his eyes from rolling back into his head. He never even knew I was there. He looked like he was my age! Couldn’t have been more than a year different. He was smooth and young, making the scene all the more intriguing. Who was he? And where was his dad? And did his dad know he was here? …In the way my dad knew. Then, I watched as my dad put a drop of spit on his cock and lined it up with his bottom. He took a beat before plunging it in to catch my gaze. It felt like an eternity since I’d taken a breath, but I found myself gasping in delighted anticipation when he finally slid himself inside his bottom. The way my dad’s hairy body arched as it fucked… I couldn’t help but thinking about all the people he’s fucked before. And even for me, about how I came to be from such an act. Skin to skin, intense breathing, passionate, deliberate strokes, all while getting closer and closer to climaxing. I felt strange as I tugged on my cock, getting closer to coming myself watching my dad fuck. I knew it was wrong, but he kept looking at me, watching me watching him, knowing that what he was doing was getting me off just as much as it was getting him off. I wondered if he would have been as into the sex he was having had I moved on and never been caught or if he was getting a special thrill from having his son see him breed. When the time came for him to cum, he turned the boy away from me. It seemed now like the young guy was an afterthought, a mere prop in his sexual fantasy. As he fucked him and built himself closer to coming, he kept looking at me. Sweat caught on my brow and as I stroked myself, it seemed like he was actually fucking me. Every push and thrust he gave the young guy seemed directed at me… for my benefit… to turn me on… I didn’t want it to end, but I heard my dad’s breathing intensify and the boy’s moans quicken from the pounding. Within moments, my dad was letting out powerful, masculine noises, unloading his seed into the young man’s hole. I wish I could have gotten closer to see it… to see his cock inside him… and to see his load pour out of him… Instead, I finished tugging my cock, unloading my semen on the floor beside the door. I was quiet, but my dad was facing me, watching me as I let out my load. The look on his face was enigmatic, but not in the least bit upset. Somehow, we shared something. But it meant that I had no idea how to see to him next… [Read more]

Tape 2 My Neighbor's Nephew NEIGHBORHOOD SECRET

I saw a hot young man hanging around my neighbor’s house for the last little bit and both I and my dick immediately wanted to know more about him. W...ith his cute, boyish face and pale, white skin I couldn’t help thinking about what this sexy boy might look like naked. My neighbor, Mr. Bonds, is also gay, so he and I often chat about the men we’re getting with. This time, he told me that his name is Myott and that the boy is his nephew! I immediately backed off, thinking that family would be off-limits. My neighbor must have sensed the change and quickly assured me that the tiny, gay bottom is open for business. The realization that my hot neighbor is fucking around with his own nephew got me springing back to attention. It seemed strange but also too hot for me to not be curious. Before I could say anything, my neighbor suggested I come over to see more of Myott for myself… and I wasn’t going to pass that up! We sat down and Myott jumped at the chance to have another rendezvous with his hot uncle. The way they were making out, I could tell they had done this many times before. Their tongues wrapped around each other quite naturally and their hands freely roamed around each other's hot bodies without any fear or trepidation. I couldn’t believe my eyes! Piece by piece, they gently and passionately removed each other’s clothes, revealing just how into it they were getting. Myott saw his hairy uncle’s hard cock and instinctively bent forward to take it deep down his throat. Up and down again and again, sometimes even using his hands for extra sensation. My neighbor was really enjoying this hot blowjob and, knowing the boy is family, got me hard as a rock just watching! But I wouldn’t be on the sideline for long. My neighbor positioned himself on the couch so Myott could continue to blow him and invited me to get more comfortable beside him. We started to make out, all the while Myott is sucking his uncle’s cock for all he’s worth! It’s so fucking hot to watch, I thought my dick might tear thorough my jeans. I had to set it free! Bonds seemed turned on by my hairy body and started stroking my cock. The sensations were almost too much! Myott blowing his uncle, that uncle stroking me, and me making out with my neighbor all at the same time. I couldn’t get enough! I knew where Bonds wanted this to go, so I wasn’t surprised when he stood Myott up and went to town rimming his nephew. So wet and sloppy - I knew that was more than just passion, it was preparation for the fucking to come. I hopped off the couch and grabbed the boy’s dick and took it deep in my mouth. I took it as deep as I could go and it was incredible! What’s hotter than two older guys giving this twink all that he could handle! My neighbor moved back to the couch and motioned to his nephew. Myott seemed to know exactly what that meant. Myott straddled him cowboy-style and Bonds pressed the tip of his raging-hard cock right at the hole. With one solid move, Myott’s twink hole slid right down over his uncle’s hard-on. With a slight adjustment Myott was able to get into position so he could bounce freel. It was so hot! Bonds started stroking me and I saw my chance to play tongue-hockey with this twink that I didn’t even know an hour earlier. Myott’s moans dampened under the pressure of my tongue but there was no doubt how much he was into the bare fucking his uncle was giving him. I wanted a better view of the hot display in front of me, so I laid down on the couch and Myott laid on top of me. Bonds hadn’t yet had enough of that hungry hole, so he went right back to pound-town. Their rhythm meant that my dick was getting rubbed by the boy’s back, and, since I couldn’t touch myself, I had my hands free to caress Myott’s smooth young body. Oh, the moaning that started! Bonds noticed it too and started pumping even harder. I thought it might send Myott through the roof when I started stroking his dick. I noticed that the louder Myott’s moans got, the harder Bonds would pound. Myott put his own hand on his own dick and now I got to watch the climax unfold. Louder, faster, louder, faster, and harder! I couldn’t tell which one was going to blow first! With grunting taking over the room, Bonds shot his huge load deep inside that hot hole, shuddering as the orgasm took over his body. The smile on my neighbor’s face indicated just how much he loved fucking his nephew in front of his friend. And I have to say, I loved it, too… [Read more]

Chapter 4 Sleepover Guest GETTING CLOSER TO DADDY

Danny was excited to have his friend, Cole, stay with him. Cole was not only fun to hang out with and made for great late night conversation, but he w...as incredibly handsome and well built. Danny admired the hell out of him, not least because he was so much taller than himself. Danny loved looking up at his giant friend, making each other laugh and getting into all kinds of good trouble. The two had spent all day together hiking and horsing around, so it was a much welcomed moment when they had the chance to get back home and shower. Danny spent a good long while feeling the hot water rush over his body, playing with himself a little before he remembered that Cole was waiting for his turn. Danny slipped out into his room to dry off, thinking he had a little bit of time to maybe jerk off and finish what he started. But Despite Cole’s larger size, he was in and out in a minute! Danny was still finishing toweling himself off when Cole came in, similarly wet and undressed, covered by just a towel. The two had never been naked together before, so it was a quiet, tense moment as Danny dropped his towel and began to finish off his body. Cole watched him carefully, secretly excited for the chance to see his cute little buddy completely bare. He always thought he was pretty adorable and had a good body, but now, without any clothes to distract, he could see just how impressive Danny’s body was… his body and his cock. “...You got a pretty big dick,” Cole muttered out. It was almost under his breath, an expression of his appreciation but without the full throated conviction of a come on. Cole was more surprised that he said it out loud than Danny was. Danny smiled, happy to have Cole looking at him like that. Danny continued to put on his underwear, trying to stay cool and calm as if it was no big deal for his friend to see his junk. But when Cole dropped his towel, it was hard for him to hide his shock on his face. “So do you,” he replied, unable to not return the compliment. But it was true. Cole’s cock was massive. Almost as big as his old man’s! It hung between his legs like a third leg, swinging on top of his big, round nuts. Danny was unaware that he’d stepped a little closer, trying to get a better look; that is until Cole was able to reach out his hand and grab the swelling bulge in his underwear. The two were playful, innocent, and slow as they began to explore each other’s cocks. Danny dropped his underwear down, now fully erect at the sight of his beautiful friend aroused. Slowly and patiently, they moved in even closer, practically skin to skin, admiring their hardening cocks. A glimmer of light caught Danny’s eye and he looked down to see Cole was precumming quite a bit! Danny hesitated for a moment, not knowing if he should do what he craved deep down in his gut. But he remembered his daddy telling him to take more chances and be braver and bolder. And at that moment, fortune definitely favored the brave! Danny leaned down, barely having to twist his little body to bring his mouth to the tip of Cole’s cock. The tip of his head was soft and warm, held up by his rigid shaft. He gripped the balls beneath and opened his lips, feeling his breath come back at him as he almost made contact. And when his tongue touched the silky wet drop of pre-cum on Cole’s cock, he couldn’t believe he’d waited so long to make a move! Danny licked his lips and stood back up, wanting to taste more of his buddy. Cole sensed the same and leaned in to kiss him. Danny and Cole locked lips and caressed each other’s bodies as their hard cock poked into the other’s torso. They stroked and fondled each other, not rushing a single second of their newfound connection. It all seemed so perfect. That is until they heard the door of the room open and Mr. Dixon came in. “I’ve got fresh towels for you boys.” “Dad!” Danny replied. He was startled to say the least, but not embarrassed. Danny didn’t mind that his dad saw him naked or even aroused. They were way past that. He was just upset that the delicate moment was interrupted and worried that Cole might retreat. Mr. Dixon, ever the sexual diplomat, assured them they don’t need to be worried. Seeing Danny with another guy actually turned him on quite a bit. He loved his little guy and loved seeing him branching out and making new friends… but of course, he was curious to see more. Looking at Cole’s, he was impressed that Danny found another well hung guy to have fun. He walked up to Danny, grabbing his cock playfully, unable to resist touching it when it was hard. Cole watched as his friend’s dad groped him and started kissing him. Cole couldn’t deny he had an attraction to Mr. Dixon. Everyone did! He was so handsome and friendly, albeit a little intimidating. Cole had fantasized about what it would be like to get fucked by him. And now, he was watching him make out with his own boy. Needless to say, Cole got even more excited! Danny started stroking Cole’s cock as he continued to make out with his dad, and Mr. Dixon followed suit by giving his hefty nuts a little tug. Cole stood still happy to have his manhood handled by someone so sexy. And when Mr. Dixon took off his clothes to reveal the python inside his shorts, Cole couldn’t believe his good fortune. The three men stood side by side, all stroking and admiring each other’s massive, girthy cocks, mouths watering and thinking about all the possibilities of what could come. It was Mr. Dixon who suggested they get up on the bed, and before long, Cole was sucking on Mr. Dixon’s enormous cock right alongside his buddy, Danny. The two kissed and shared the older man’s dick in perfect harmony, all the while getting more and more turned on by each other… [Read more]

Tape 1 Seeing My Uncle’s Old Nudes NEIGHBORHOOD SECRET

I’ve always had a little thing for my uncle Brian. I know it’s a bit weird, but he always had a way about him that made me feel… different. I di...dn’t know until much later that I was into guys, and in some ways, he was my first crush. He was smart, funny, handsome, super nice, and had a body that always reminded me of an action hero. And as I got older, I started noticing him more and more. It’s not really something I’ve ever told anyone or even thought about too long. I knew nothing could ever happen, so it was just a little secret in my mind. That is, until I saw his nudes. I was staying at his place for a week while my parents were away. I hadn’t ever spent more than a long weekend with my uncle before, and never alone. I didn’t know if I would be in his way or be too boring for him, but he was a perfect host. After a night or two, I went looking for a pen so I could do some work, only to find myself opening a special drawer in his office containing some special photos. They were covered with some office junk, but it was clear what they were: nude photos of my uncle. And good ones, too! They were from a few years back, just judging by the look of him, but they were very revealing and explicit. I saw everything. Chest, legs, arms, cock, even his butthole! I had always wondered what he looked like under his clothes, even when he was wearing a tank top and shorts. But now, I could see everything! My first thought was to take them and look at them on my own in private, but I knew if I did, he would eventually see they were missing. And I didn’t want him to know that I saw them, let alone that I took them. Before I could think about what to do, it got too hard to do anything else. The house was quiet and uncle Brian hadn’t checked in on me in a while, so I figured I was more or less on my own. I shouldn’t have been so foolish as to take my cock out and start stroking it, but I did… Image after image, I studied every line of his body. Every muscle, curve, and angle. Precum lubed up my cock as I looked closely at his cock, his ass, his feet. There was no part of him that wasn’t available for me to see, and I swallowed it all up! I was so focused on the images and stroking, I didn’t hear the slow entrance of my uncle into the room! “Myott?” I was startled! I had a hand on my hard cock and a table covered in naked photos. That would be embarrassing enough to be caught in that position, but for him to see photos of himself… I nearly ran out of the room. Instead, I sat frozen in fear, waiting for him to scream or get mad. Instead, to my surprise, he just sat down, looking through the images on the table, taking in what he was seeing and registering no reaction. When he asked what I was doing, I felt silly telling him the obvious. It was clear what I was doing. I told him I didn’t mean to find them and I wasn’t snooping around. But I did ask what they were for. He told me they were from a different time, before I was born. To be honest, I was surprised to hear that. He looked so good now. Not so different from the version of him in the photos. In fact… he looked even better. I don’t know what came over me, but I said that out loud to him. He shot me a smile and I could tell he was a little embarrassed, but also flattered. He looked off for a second, as if he was considering something. A pregnant pause filled the room and didn’t break until he looked back at me. He could see I was still hard and looking at him. I won’t lie, seeing him in person after seeing the photos just made me even more eager to jerk off. And I think he could tell. “You want to see the real thing?” he asked. It sounded like something I was dreaming about. I thought I misunderstood him, but then his hands reached up to his shirt, preparing to undo the top couple buttons. My heart raced. I couldn’t think or breathe. It felt like I had no right response. I never thought this secret desire of mine would ever be acknowledged, let alone possibly come true. Before I could even respond, he already had two buttons opened. I started stroking my cock again and whispered, “yes… I want to see…” [Read more]


Mr. Landon looked over at his nephew as Dr. Wolf began to feel him up. The boy was wearing nothing but a jockstrap as he was examined, splayed out and... exposed. He loved seeing his nephew like this. He loved his beautiful, smooth, muscular body and sweet, boyish face. Of course, nothing compares to his thick veiny cock. Dr. Wolf was not being shy about grabbing it, feeling his balls and stroking his shaft. It was very clear what the handsome doc wanted, and Mr. Landon was very happy to give it to him. While he was not Blake’s father, he felt a lot of paternal affection for him. And maybe because of this and not despite it, he was eager to see the professional open up his boy. Dr. Wolf turned Blake toward him, facing him belly down so his mouth was perfectly positioned with his massive bulge. The ginger doctor whispered to Mr. Landon to get his boy ready, something the uncle was more than happy to do. Mr. Landon looked at Blake’s perfect butt, round and smooth, covered with the lightest and softest of peach fuzz, imperceptible to the eye but undeniable as his fingers caressed their shape. Blake let out a deep exhale, feeling the familiar hands move up his backside and spread his cheeks apart. He would have been lost in that sensation, feeling his uncle’s warm breath creep into his crack and tickle his hole, but he had a bigger, more pressing matter in front of him. Dr. Wolf lowered his pants, showing a pair of underwear that was nearly at the breaking point trying to contain the older man’s enormous member. Blake could see it was heading downward toward the knees and was likely only stopping because of the tight, constricting underwear. He reached out a hand and pulled the concealed cock from its containment, watching with awe as it popped free, standing outward, just an inch or two from his mouth. Mr. Landon could see what Blake could see and knew his instruction to get him ready was less of an invitation and more of a necessity. Mr. Landon buried his face in the boy’s ass, feasting on his hole and licking him voraciously, knowing that every lick and kiss was warming him up and getting him ready to take the huge pipe. Blake was nervous, but that didn’t stop him from taking Dr. Wolf’s cock in his mouth, feeling it fill his oral cavity and reaching back toward his throat. He tried to take it all, but it was no small challenge. He struggled to take it back deep, wanting to get it good and wet for his hole. All the while, he trembled and and moaned as Mr. Landon continued to lap at his hole. Blake knew his uncle would make sure he was ready, and that filled his heart as much as Dr. Wolf’s cock filled his mouth! When the moment came for Dr. Wolf to take Blake’s hole, the boy laid back on the table and looked over at his uncle. Mr. Landon held his hand, giving him an assuring, encouraging smile, but his eyes kept getting pulled over to Dr. Wolf’s giant shaft, watching it line up with the boy’s hole. Blake wanted to see, too, but all he could see was Dr. Wolf’s beautiful body and Mr. Landon’s focused gaze. He looked at his uncle for any sign of worry, but Mr. Landon simply held his hand and watched in stunned anticipation. Then, slowly and steadily, Blake felt the blunt tool press up against his hole, applying pressure on him that at first was met with a firm resistance from his body. He didn’t know if he could do it. But Mr. Landon squeezed his hand and told him he was okay. It was all Blake needed to feel his muscles relax and allow the long member to move inside him. The moment started with a searing pain, causing Blake’s body to twist and retreat, but both men did their part to make Blake feel okay. Blake took a few more breaths, following their guidance, and soon he felt a deep pleasure unlike anything he’d ever felt. He loved being fucked by his uncle, but this was on a whole new level. Blake didn’t want it to stop. He looked up at his doctor and watched as he pumped deeper and harder into him, testing the limits of his body. But every time he was unsure or scared, he looked over his uncle, right there watching and supporting him. He would have never done this without him. And he was so happy he was there… [Read more]

I've always loved jerking off to stories and videos of men having sex with their boys. I used to fantasize about getting fucked by my old man or sucking off one of my very handsome uncles. I thought those feelings would go away when I moved out on my own, but they only got stronger! I love to flirt with dilfs online and get them to send me videos of them fucking their boys. And since I’m beating off to this hot content anyway, why not share it? I get the best real gaycest videos, featuring boys whimpering as they get load after load pumped into their smooth little holes, and I post them here for you to enjoy!