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Eric Charming

Eric hasn’t always been the adorable young man he is now. Growing up, he was a bit of an awkward kid, not sure when to speak or what to say when given the chance. His timidness kept him from being particularly brave or noteworthy, but as he’s matured, he’s become quite the looker. And his uncle has certainly noticed. Eric has always admired the way the older man can be so bold and outspoken, seeming to have no care in the world other than just being happy. Eric wishes he could have a little bit of that quality. The more time he spends with him, the more he admires his good looks and friendly character. And from what he can tell, it seems like his uncle is becoming more interested in him as well...


Mr. Figata

Mr. Figata is no dummy when it comes to sex. Clearly, as a father himself, he knows it can be a lot of fun. And looking the way he does, it's not like he's only done it once. He's got all the charm and friendliness of your local, neighborhood dad, but under the polo and khakis, he's a total perv. He loves feeling his cock deep inside a warm, tight hole, especially that of a hot young guy. But as much as he wants to indulge in his more base desires, he wants to be a good dad, too. When his boy started coming of age, he found their connection changed. No longer was Jack rushing to him for advice or telling him all about his day. The handsome young man was beginning to discover the world for himself, leaving Mr. Figata feeling a little left out. He wants his boy to know he can go to him for anything. Besides... the boy has a cute little butt that his old man would love to taste.


Tom Bentley

Tom is an all around horny guy. He’s been playing with his dick from the moment he could touch it, never shying away from pleasure when it presents itself. While he’s mostly spent his time with guys his age, he can’t deny that older guys bring their own incredible sexiness and experience. What's more, he sees nothing wrong with the concept of “kissing cousins.” Even kissing uncles. Or brothers. Or dads...
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