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Anthony Divino isn't your typical daddy! He's the youngest in his family and has much more in common with his nephew than he does his brother. He loves being active, social, and keeping up with his younger friends and colleagues. He never really considered himself a "daddy" until he caught his horny nephew checking him out and sniffing his jockstrap. The idea shocked him at first, until he realized just how hard it made him! With a little help from the Forbidden Boy Hotel, he's discovered a whole new side of himself (as well as his nephew) than he ever thought possible. His lean, athletic body and thick dick make him a natural breeder, giving him the stamina and energy to make his boys beg for more!


Tape 1 Welcome To Forbidden Boy Hotel HUNG UNCLE

Anthony had always taken an interest in his nephew, Mark. He was the son of Anthony's older brother, and Anthony always felt paternal and nurturing to... [read more]

Tape 2 Boy Massage HUNG UNCLE

Mark’s uncle couldn’t believe how great the young man felt against his skin! Lying in bed, pressed together as close as they could possibly be; he... [read more]

Tape 3 Sauna Play HUNG UNCLE

Mark didn’t quite understand the value of a sauna. All he knew was that it involved sitting naked in a hot room and sweating. His uncle tried to explain... [read more]

Tape 15 My Dad's Brother Is Hung! DADDY'S LITTLE BOY

Mr. Divino has always loved spending time with his brother and his boy, Austin. Even when he was younger, Austin would always greet him with a big smile... [read more]

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