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Models / Danny


Danny is a little shy around other guys. He's always been a bit small and insecure, not really feeling like he can hold his own around the other boys at school or the older men he admires. He's always felt a little unseen and confused. Even with members of his own family, he's looked up to the bigger men that came before him, noticing their impressive masculinity and confidence. He wishes so much that he could be like them.


Tape 10 Weekend With My Buddy's Dad BREEDING MY BOY'S LITTLE HOLE

Danny listened to Ian’s stories about his old man with great interest. The two were best friends and it was only natural that they’d tell each other... [read more]

Tape 1 Welcome to Forbidden Boy Hotel OUR FAMILY BONDS

I remember the first time I kissed my grandpa. It was my birthday, a few years back. It sort of came out of nowhere. He went in for a hug and he kissed... [read more]

Tape 2 Breeding My Grandson OUR FAMILY BONDS

The longer we stayed at the Forbidden Hotel, the more I felt myself wanting grandpa. The first few times were kinda strange. I guess I somehow felt,... [read more]

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