Tape 4 Sharing My Boy BOY'S FIRST TIME

Intimacy isn’t just about affection and chemistry, it’s also about trust. Trusting your partner and allowing them to be their own person. It can be... [read more]

Tape 8 Welcome to Forbidden Boy Hotel DADDY'S LITTLE BOY

Mr. Armstrong and Austin are always looking for ways to be together and get close. After their visit to Dr. Wolf’s office, the two were informed about... [read more]

Tape 3 Sauna Play BOY'S FIRST TIME

The Forbidden Boy Hotel has a program that’s hard to beat! Especially when the accommodations are as comfortable as what Mr. Houser and his boy have... [read more]

Tape 7 Father Son Doctor's Visit DADDY'S LITTLE BOY

Austin and his dad are due for a physical, leading them to head back to their friendly neighborhood doctor, Dr. Wolf. With the week being a bit crazy,... [read more]

Tape 3 Unwrapping My Boy & His Buddy for Christmas THE DOCTOR'S SON

Jonathan sits by the fire stroking his cock as he thought of the cum still sitting inside his hole when his young friend Austin came in. Austin had been... [read more]

Tape 2 Father Son Retreat THE DOCTOR'S SON

There’s not a lot to do in the woods. There’s no internet, no TV, no phones… And that’s just how Dr. Legrand Wolf likes it! With the cozy fire... [read more]

Tape 1 Unwrapping My Boy's Package THE DOCTOR'S SON

Dr. Wolf doesn’t get too many free weekends alone with just him and his boy. Between work and school, it’s almost impossible to sneak off for a little... [read more]

Tape 6 Thanksgiving Family Fun DADDY'S LITTLE BOY

The Armstrongs and Dr. Wolf have become a little family of sorts, enjoying each other’s company for festivities and holidays as well as intimate, bedroom... [read more]

Tape 5 Trick or Treat DADDY'S LITTLE BOY

Halloween is a special day for daddies like Mr. Armstrong. He loves seeing his little guy get dressed up and parade around town. As much as he enjoys the... [read more]

Tape 4 Don't Want to Go to School DADDY'S LITTLE BOY

Austin is enjoying a pleasant, deep sleep when his old man comes into his room to wake him up to start his day. Austin wants nothing more than to stay... [read more]

Tape 2 The Suite BOY'S FIRST TIME

It can be hard to stay awake after a passionate afternoon of fucking, but as tired as Mr. Houser may be, his boy Cole has more energy than he can handle!... [read more]


There’s a lot to do while away on vacation, but sometimes it’s nice to have some quiet time. I like to spend my time reading and relaxing, but Ian... [read more]

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