Tape #2 Sneaky Cousins Campout BOY'S SEXUAL CURIOSITY

Cole wakes in the dark tent between Lucas, his younger cousin, and Dr. Wolf, who has taken the boys camping for the weekend. Cole has been enjoying being... [read more]


It’s Christmas Eve and Maxx is excited, so he can’t help but sneak downstairs—even if he is in his underwear. Grandad Felix is seated on the couch... [read more]


Late in the night on Christmas Eve, Austin discovers Uncle Mitch reading next to the Christmas tree in front of a crackling fireplace. Uncle Mitch is surprised... [read more]


Young Austin loves decorating the family vacation house for the holidays. He cherishes revisiting each and every one of his Christmas memories as he pulls... [read more]

Tape 1 Thanksgiving Dinner FAMILY HOLIDAY TRADITION

You can keep Charlie Brown: This Thanksgiving orgy is the only holiday special I need. Somebody shoved this video in my mailbox with a note that said "turkey... [read more]

Tape 8 Working from Home BREEDING MY BOY'S LITTLE HOLE

Working from home is a challenge. Even when he was at the office, Mr. Landon found it difficult to stay focused on his day-to-day tasks. Now with ready... [read more]

Tape 2 Cleanroom Intake - Cousins Inspection GLOBAL OUTBREAK

Cole and Ian were alarmed when they were pulled away from their home. As cousins they’ve always been very close, almost like brothers. The strange men... [read more]

Tape 1 Cleanroom Intake - Dad Son Inspection GLOBAL OUTBREAK

Bishop removes his clothes as the agent (possibly a government doctor) commands. It’s a little uncomfortable disrobing in front of his boy, but he knows... [read more]

Tape 1 Their Uncle's House - Cousins Get Caught BOYS SEXUAL CURIOSITY

Austin is more clever than you might think! The young, fresh-faced twink may seem innocent at first, but he often gets his way with nothing more than his... [read more]

Tape 7 Boy Massage THE DOCTOR'S SON

Dr. Wolf was so proud of his son! He’d put him through quite a lot, but he never complained or resisted. The tall daddy had a very large cock that was... [read more]

Tape 11 Sauna Play DADDY'S LITTLE BOY

Austin has seen his old man sweaty many times before. Whether it was from a hot summer day, doing yard work, working out, or just being busy around the... [read more]

Tape 2 Son Swap COMING OF AGE

Dr. Wolf and his buddy, Bishop, have known each other for ages. The two have had their own sexual history, maturing from boys to men while staying in each... [read more]

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